350% Deposit Bonus

One of the many ways casinos try to attract in new players is to offer them an exciting welcome bonus. Bonuses of varying sizes can be found at the thousands of casino sites out there and some casinos offer generous amounts as large as 350% match bonuses, to get new players through the door and give them plenty of time to get to know the site and, if all goes well in the eyes of the casino operators, stick around as a loyal customer afterwards. Welcome bonuses can be a huge incentive for players looking for their next casino to play at and a bonus as large as 350% is bound to catch players’ eyes.

A bonus of this size would mean that each player receives 3.5 times the amount of deposited cash paid in, usually on their first deposit only. It is very rare for such a large bonus to be applicable at any time other than a welcome to a site and it gives you the opportunity to really have a thorough look around the site and play a wide range of different games. A working example of this bonus would be to imagine you had just deposit £20 as your first deposit as you chosen new casino. With this bonus you would receive your £20 in deposited cash but on top of that you would also get £70 in bonus credits, coins or whatever your chosen casino chooses to call its bonus credit system. Some casinos have themed names whilst others stick to the more straightforward credits and bonus cash approach. The most important thing to remember about your bonus is that it is no more than virtual currency and cannot be withdrawn. It is a gift to you from the casino operators for joining the site and can only be used to play games there.

The other key thing to remember about casino bonuses is that they come with terms and conditions attached. Every casino will have its own set of terms and every bonus may also have a different set so it is worthwhile taking a look at them all before getting stuck in, if you want a full picture of what you’re signing up to. Most bonuses will come with wagering requirements attached which usually means you need to play through the bonus cash a certain number of times before any accrued winnings can be withdrawn. Each casino will set specific wagering requirements for their bonuses and they may range from anything from 15 times to 50 times play through and both higher than lower than these figures too. Some casinos also only have a play through rate attached to certain games so it is worth checking the specific terms of your bonus before getting stuck into too many games.

You will be able to use your bonus credit before your deposited cash so you have a good chance to look around the casino and try out a wide range of games before the serious business begins and you start playing through your deposited cash.

Below is a closer look at the casinos currently offering a 350% bonus.