400% Deposit Bonus

Finding a new casino which suits your playing needs isn’t a difficult process as there are so many quality casinos out there so one of the things which may be deciding factor as to whether you sign up to one casino or another is the bonus. Casino welcome bonuses are their most effective tool in getting new players in through the door and some casinos offer an extremely generous and very popular 400% casino bonus. 400% bonuses are not common so when you find one it’s likely you’ll want to get signed up straight away and you may find once you’re all signed up that the casino experience is one you want to stick around for.
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If you choose a casino with this super-sized bonus amount, then you will receive 4 times the amount you deposit in cash in bonus credit. It is the kind of bonus you’ll probably only receive once when you sign up and so it’s worth making the most of it. To give an example of how this bonus would work, imagine you’ve just deposited £10 at the casino and then as you redeem this bonus you will be credited with a further £40 in bonus coins, credit or whatever denominator the chosen casino uses, giving you £50 in total to play with. As a rule, the casino will deduct bonus credit before your real cash payment too so you’ve got that whole bonus to play with before your real money kicks in. One of the key things to remember about your bonus cash is that unfortunately it is nothing more than virtual credit so no casino will let you withdraw it but you are setup to get to know their site. With 400% in bonus credit on top of your cash you have the opportunity to try out plenty of different games at the site and get a feel for those you like best and suit your gaming needs.

Another key thing to keep in mind about any casino welcome bonus is that they have their own terms and conditions to keep in mind. Every casino sets its own terms and conditions for their site and they may also have separate individual terms set out for each of their bonus offers. The welcome bonus often has its own attached terms and they are worth checking out in advance before committing to anything. The most important terms of most bonuses is their wagering requirements and these usually state exactly how many times you need to play through the bonus cash before you can withdraw any winnings on it. The play through rate may vary dependent on casino and it could be anywhere between 15 times to 50 times play through or more, dependent on your chosen site. Some casinos also put limits on the games which count towards the wagering requirement so it really is sensible to check out the full terms and conditions in advance.

To explore the casinos offering a fantastic 400% welcome bonus just take a look at our list below.