Welcome to Busy Bee Casino the home of safe, secure and trustworthy online casino gaming. Find online casinos you can trust by software, bonus, minimum deposit, currency and payment options. Any sites without a UK Gambling License are highlighted for your safety. We dedicate many hours to fully assessing and test-driving ever single casino site we list and we are proud to be able to recommend a wide range of casino sites to players of all experiences. We recognise the factors that matter to casino players and focus on each of them in turn to create reviews which are unbiased, comprehensive and provide everything you could need to know.

The importance of a UK License and a secure casino

So you find a casino, it’s one you’ve never heard of before and has a very tempting welcome bonus that grabs your attention. You sign up, deposit your money, get a nice bonus and wow, you’re on a winning streak! Time to withdraw your winnings. You make a request to withdraw your winnings and to your disappointment you receive an e-mail. Sorry your request was not successful as you have not met the wagering requirements. You read through the terms and conditions and you realise the casino has stipulated you need to wager 100x that huge bonus you received. It doesn’t seem like such a good offer now. You decide to start wagering your winnings and see if you can reach the wagering requirements. Success! You can’t believe your luck, you have done it! Time to make another withdrawal request. You wait a week, no response. Another week passes and you follow up with an e-mail. Still no response. Three weeks later, you finally get a response. Your request has been approved. Great! Reading the e-mail further you find that you can only withdraw a certain amount of your winnings every week, not only that they have deducted fee’s and charges. The fee’s and charges aren’t anywhere to be seen in the terms and conditions but you notice a vague statement specifying that all winnings are subject to change and will be processed at the sites discretion.

It’s a pretty sad scenario but unfortunately it’s common for players who are not experienced in gambling online. The sad fact is you’ve been playing on a casino licensed in some tiny island with no real licensing laws to speak of. A simple glance in the footer of the website would have given you all the information you needed but how are you supposed to know? Every website licensed in the UK should display their license number in the bottom of the website and with that UK license comes a huge amount of benefits to you as a player. The UK Gambling Commission are a group who regulate commercial gambling in the UK and enforce the UK Gambling laws set out by the government by providing a license to trustworthy casinos.

Busy Bee Casino has been setup to help you make an informed choice without any need for you, the player, to have to check if the site is trustworthy and has the appropriate license.


Our casino reviews follow a similar formula each time which allows us to ensure you receive a full, comprehensive and impartial understanding of each site so you can form your own opinion. The sections in each review include:


You may have a preferred software provider for your casino gaming and we make sure each of our reviewed site’s software provision is fully checked.

Loyalty Program

Knowing you get some benefit from sticking around at a new casino is a real incentive for some players so we’ve made sure to look in depth at each loyalty program on offer.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Knowing how and when you can make deposits and withdrawals is key to some player’s experience and so we check out the full process of each on every site, to ensure it’s safe and secure.

Legal Stuff

We make sure to check the casinos on our site comply with licensing regulations and are considered safe.

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