PayPal is one of the most recognisable payment methods in the world and whilst it isn’t always necessarily connected to online casinos and is often related to ecommerce and online shopping, it is a respected and trusted payment system which most online casinos have now added to their range of accepted payment methods.

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What is PayPal?

PayPal is a respected online payment system which is most regularly used for making online and mobile payments to other people, to web shops and to other pay sites such as casinos. To be able to make a PayPal payment you require an account with them which you can login to via your email address and you then need to link your account to your regular bank account or credit card so PayPal can access funds securely and ensure you have them ready to transfer to your casino account.

One of the stipulations that PayPal has when working with online casinos is that they must be regulated and this means you will only find this payment method at white-listed reputable casinos and so you have an additional indictor of the safe nature of the site you have chosen to play at.

The History of PayPal

PayPal has gone through many changes since it first launched. It began when two companies, and Confinity, launched separate, similar products which were in competition in the financial market. The first version of PayPal was released by Confinity in 1999 and by 2000 this company and had merged to add their combined experience and talent to the product. They initially went forward with the name but quickly reverted to PayPal and made the move to adopt eBay as a key platform for growing its user numbers and because eBay needed a reliable online payment system. They tried to launch their own system, Billpoint, but quite quickly found the competition from PayPal was fierce and this resulted in eBay acquiring PayPal in 2002 and then experienced absolutely huge growth that outperformed even their parent company.

From 2010 onwards PayPal made the decision to move forward into new territories which included in-store payments, international growth, micropayments and more tools directed specifically at the small to medium sized business market. They launched some hardware to complement their product and also collaborated with physical stores to make in-store payments a reality.

In September 2014 the partnership between eBay and PayPal was confirmed as over. The split allows PayPal to work more flexibly and whilst it still offers eBay its service it is able to grow in new directions and this includes the service they offer to the online casino market.

Making a Casino Deposit with PayPal

If you already have a PayPal account and most people, these days do then making a deposit using this account could not be simpler. If you don’t have an account, the registration process is quick and painless and then you will be able to follow these instructions.

To make your deposit simply visit the Cashier or Banking area of your chosen casino, find the Deposits page and look for the PayPal logo or link. Once clicked you will need to fill in the amount you want to transfer into your casino account and then you will be directed to login to your PayPal account and once you click confirm the funds will be instantly transferred. You can make withdrawals using the same process reversed and the secure nature of this method combined with its strong industry reputation means it is becoming more and more popular.