Whilst there are online currencies which are becoming more popular there has yet to be the development of a single online currency which has been adopted and accepted by all web users. It would be great news for online casinos if there was a single currency they could choose but at present, most online casinos offer a wide range of different currencies to satisfy players from around the world. There are over 180 currencies currently in circulation and whilst most casinos don’t offer them all, you will find a wide range of different options at many sites.

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The benefits of a single online currency are many, not just the fact that they make it easier for casinos to manage, it would also be easier to handle with less need for conversion rates and exchange costs. Europe has seen the benefit of a single currency with 19 individual nations now using the Euro, making it easier to travel, easier to trade and simply more convenient for legislators and bankers. The US dollar too is also used in a range of different countries as well as the USA, including Ecuador and the Caribbean Netherlands. That’s not to mention the many other currencies around the world also known as the dollar.

Online Casino Currencies

Almost every casino you visit will offer a range of recognisable currencies. You will almost always find Great British Pounds (GBP) Euros (EUR) and US Dollars (USD) and often you will also find many other European currencies such as a Polish zloty (PLN) and Swiss Franc (CHF). You will also find casinos which accept and allow players using the Chinese Yuan (CNY), South African Rand (ZAR) and Indian Rupee (INR). This is just a small sample of the many different currencies that different online casinos allow players to deposit with, allowing them to invite and welcome a wider range of players to their site.

Multi-Currency Service

Many casinos now proud themselves on offering a multi-currency service which allows players to enjoy their platforms using a currency of their choosing. Some players do report feeling distracted when forced to play in British Pounds or US Dollars when they use Euros or another currency in everyday life so it makes their online gambling experience much more enjoyable.

Casinos Listed by Currency

If you want to play in a particular currency, then we provide a comprehensive list of casinos in each of the below currency categories. This makes it easy to find casinos we have reviewed that also give you the opportunity to play in your preferred currency.

Expanding the range of currencies on offer is just one more way casinos can appeal to a wider audience and here at Busy Bee you can view our reviews and find your ideal casino based on the currency you’d prefer to play in.