Casino Whitelist

Understanding what is a safe casino and what isn’t is essential to ensure you enjoy the best possible online gaming experience and don’t put yourself at risk of security breaches or other issues with the casino operator. To make this a little bit easier, the creation of the online casino whitelist has really helped, giving players the chance to check out the safety and security of a casino before it’s too late and you’ve already shared your information or deposited cash.

Finding a safe and well-regulated online casino is key to enjoying the best possible online gambling experience as you can have peace of mind as you play and not have concerns over security.

The online casino whitelist has been created to give casino players a push in the right direction when it comes to selecting their next casino. It is a list of all the jurisdictions which offer online casino or other gambling products and also have a license from the UK Gambling Commission. This means they have been deemed safe and secure for players in the UK.

Casinos who want to get onto the whitelist must fulfil a very strict set of rules laid out by the UK Gambling Commission and remain compliant with them consistently as long as they continue to operate. The lists help online casino players choose the sites which are safest.

Safe Online Gambling Jurisdictions

The online casino whitelist features eight whitelisted jurisdictions based in different locations are the world. They are:

If you visit a casino and it is not listed as in one of the above mentioned jurisdictions then the most sensible thing to do is click off it and look elsewhere. Casinos outside of these jurisdictions are not legally allowed to advertise their services and games range in the UK and with this in mind you cannot expect to experience a safe and secure gaming environment.

What gives a Casino Whitelisted Status?

To qualify for the online casino whitelist, sites and operators need to meet very specific criteria, as well as be based in one of the mentioned jurisdictions. They need to adhere to the following criteria fully:

  • Gambling on the site must not be a source of any level of crime and/or disorder
  • Gambling on the site must be conducted in a fair way
  • Gambling on the site must not be used to support or aid crime
  • Gambling on the site must be fully transparent and subject to money-laundering and financial probity regulations
  • Gambling on the site must not affect vulnerable adults or children

Casinos must be strict and ensure they offer a provision which is suitable for their audience. If they want their sites to be added to the whitelist then their gaming experience needs to be suitable for their audience and they also need to be able to show evidence which proves their gambling products will include access to full game rules and that players will have the ability to claim their winnings within a clear, appropriate time period. They also need to prove that they will provide their players with the information they need to get in contact with appropriate authorities should they have issues or a dispute about the gambling products on offer.

Blacklisted Casinos: The Ones to Avoid

As well as the whitelist of reputable casinos there is a blacklist of casinos to avoid. These are casinos which operate under jurisdictions which are not licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and are not recommended by Busy Bee Casino or any reputable casino review and information site. These casinos will not provide a safe gaming environment and you should avoid them at all costs, instead opting for the wide range of different legal and licensed options on the market. You should avoid casinos which are licensed in the jurisdictions of Belize, Costa Rica, Curacao and Kahnawake, or any other jurisdiction you may come across which isn’t licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.