Casino licences are an essential element of any online site. You should be checking for a relevant licence whenever you visit an online casino. They are an important part of your assessment of any site as it is legally required that operators in the UK provide a licence and are regulated, for the protection of all customers. A licence ensures the casino you are visiting has met certain criteria and has been fully checked and found to be a fair and safe place to play.

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Defining Casino Licences

A casino licence is basically a verified seal of approval for an online gaming site. The seal is provided by the gambling commission or regulatory board of a particular region or area and it confirms that the casino has met the requirements to operate in that region. The requirements of a casino licence vary from country to country and in the UK, all sites should be licenced by the UK Gambling Commission.

Why do Casinos need Licences?

Casino licences are in place to protect the players and the regions in which they are playing. The UK Gambling Commission, for example, has a duty to protect gamblers in the UK from unsafe and unfair sites and acts accordingly to ensure that only those sites which are truly safe and meet all guidelines are licenced. Without licensing anyone could open an online casino and you could find yourself handing your secure financial information to fraudsters and all kinds of cyber-criminals. Licensing aims to stop this from happening and gives you additional protection whilst enjoying your online gaming experience.

Why are there so many Different Licences?

There are different casino licences which relate to different regions around the world. This can be confusing and it is easy to be convinced that because a casino has some kind of licence, it is safe to play at. This isn’t necessarily the case as you should look for licences relevant to the UK market as a UK player, most importantly from the Gambling Commission. However, UK players can usually consider it safe to play on sites which have European licences, usually from regions such as Gibraltar and Malta, as these are also considered secure and safe.

Every country has its own regulations and rules and some are less strict than others which is why it pays to be picky when choosing a casino site to play at.

Why should Licensing Matter to Casino Players?

You need to be concerned about casino licensing because it is protecting the industry and your right to play and enjoy your favourite casinos. Remember, almost every time you sign up to an online casino you are parting with at least some personal information. This can be anything from your name, date of birth and address to your personal banking details and handing this information out to just any website, without any assurance it is safe would be extremely dangerous.

Whenever you visit a new casino you should check out the licences it has in place. You are mainly looking out for that UK Gambling Commission Licence but other European licences can be considered too. All reviews here at Busy Bee highlight the legal regulatory and licensing of each site we visit, so you can be sure they are safe to play at.