Maestro Casinos

Maestro is one of the most recognisable brands in banking and finance and their logo as well as their name is known around the world. As a debit card option it is one of the simplest and most popular ways of topping up your casino account.

What is Maestro?

Maestro is a multi-national debit card service which is owned by MasterCard. Cards for this debit system are provided alongside bank accounts from banks around the world and they are usually linked to the card holder’s regular current account although they are sometimes in prepaid card form. The most common use of this payment method is at the till or point of sale in shops and for online purchases. When the PIN code is entered into a Chip and Pin machine or when the card details are written into the sales page when checking out of an online store the payment is then authorised by the card issuing bank, provided the cardholder has the funds to carry out the transaction.

The History of Maestro

Maestro was founded by MasterCard in 1992 and has remained a leading debit card choice since this date. It is the comparative product to the Visa Debit in Europe but in most other countries it is the equivalent of the Visa Electron, which requires electronic authorisation and will not allow payments to be authorised if they go even one penny over the account balance to which the card is linked.

Prior to 2004 Switch existed in the United Kingdom alongside Maestro but it was rebranded in this year to create a more unified system. The newest Maestro cards released now have contactless pay technology too which makes it easier to pay at points of sale.

Making a Casino Deposit with Maestro

If you like to keep a proper track of your casino deposits via your regular bank account and you have one of these cards linked to your account then it is the best option for topping up your account and also for making withdrawals.

Some casinos don’t accept credit card payments but almost every one allows debit card payments, including this payment method, and this includes casinos where US players are allowed. Using your debit card means you are cutting out the middle man in the form of an eWallet or other electronic payment method and whilst this is a good idea if you like things streamlined you may want to exercise caution if you prefer to keep your financial details away from your casino account. You have to share your account details to be able to pay with your debit card and whilst all reputable casinos offer a secure payment processing system it is understandable that some people want to keep their details private.

You will find this payment method in the Deposit section of your casino’s Banking/Cashier page and you simply add in your card details as you would whenever making an online purchase and once you’ve entered them once then you do not need to do it again, you can simply re-select your card.

Below you can explore a wide range of casinos which accept Maestro payments.