QuickPay Casinos

Quick Pay is a market leading money service which is offered by the well-known financial services company Western Union. It is a speedy service as the name suggests and is designed to make it easy to transfer cash both locally and internationally to any merchant or to any individual account. Western Union are a well-known brand and Quick Pay is their method for speeding up online transactions. There are over 200,000 Quick Pay Agent locations in more than 170 countries around the world and it is designed to provide simple and fast transactions in a convenient way and it is offered by a range of different online casinos.

What is Quick Pay?

Quick Pay is a quick method of online payments which involves visiting a local Western Union agent or store point. Quick Pay is known to be reliable because of the reputation of their partner service and of course the fact that it is happily used by hundreds of thousands of individual users as well as businesses. It is a beneficial choice if you are a regular Western Union customer and know how their services work and it also helps you to save on potential transfer fees when other methods are used.

The History of Quick Pay

Quick Pay’s history is quite short and sweet as it is simply an extension of Western Union but Western Union is a company which dates back to the 19th century.

They began as a telegraph service provider but quickly realised the benefits of delivering money transfers. By 1871 they had introduced their first money transfer service and by 2006 they no longer offered telegraph services at all. They have developed alongside other payment systems and you can access Western Union via a mobile app and it has many different elements including information about Quick Pay.

Making a Casino Deposit with Quick Pay

This is a payment system which is designed for customers who may not have a traditional bank account or may not have much trust in traditional banking and financial organisations. It is a convenient way of ensuring your account can be topped up and as Western Union are a world-renowned brand with a history that dates back into the 19th century, they are certainly trustworthy and can be used on a one off basis.

The processing time for this kind of payment is longer than most players would like but most casinos are transparent about their processing times so you can make your mind up before choosing this method.

To make a deposit into your casino account via Quick Pay from Western Union you need the company code and account number for your chosen casino so you can take them to your Western Union agent and make it clear where you are wanting your funds to go. You also need to make sure you contact Customer Support too and provide them with your account username, the deposit details including the Money transfer Control Number (MTCN), amount and currency used. This is secure and gives you peace of mind about the transaction remaining anonymous and you still have your funds to play with.

You can explore the casinos offering Quick Pay below.