Visa Debit Casinos

One of the most popular brands of debit card in the world and in turn is one of the top methods of depositing and withdrawing from casinos, Visa Debit is the major brand of debit card issued by Visa Inc. Many banks are connected to Visa and it allows them to issue these cards with their current accounts and access their funds with ease. It is most commonly used for regular payments in stores and shops and also for online payments. As one of the most popular debit card types there is, almost every casino you come across will accept Visa Debit.

What is Visa Debit?

Visa Debit is one of the world’s leading debit cards issued by the Visa Inc. and used in countries all around the world. Many different banks in many different regions issue Visa cards and they are commonly issued when new bank accounts are opened as a convenient and functional way of accessing funds with ease.

Many countries which don’t have this type of debit cards issued do allow it to be used via their ATMs which is a signal of what a large influence on the market it is.

The History of Visa Debit

The first debit cards issued in the United Kingdom were not Visa, they were the Connect brand which was launched by Barclays Bank in 1987 and the Switch debit card which was launched by NatWest in 1988. Connect quite quickly merged with Visa and initially rather than being known as Visa Debit, this payment method was called Visa Delta in the UK. The new branding was put in place from 1998 onwards.

Visa claim that ‘no other card is more widely accepted around the world’ than this one and it makes payments simple, secure and safe, whether online or in person-to-person sales.

Making a Casino Deposit with Visa Debit

Choosing to fund your account with a debit card is one way of ensuring you have a full track of what you are spending as everything you deposit into your account is immediately taken of your current account’s balance and so you can see exactly where the funds are going.

There are casinos which aren’t keen on allowing credit card payments but almost every casino will be happy to accept debit cards as it is drawing purely on your funds in your bank account and you can also make withdrawals straight back to your account when you start bringing in the winnings.

Choosing to pay directly from your debit card also removes an extra layer from your transaction as you have no eWallet or electronic payment system in between your bank and your casino account. This is great if you’re confident in your chosen casino and trust the security it offers but some players understandably wary about this as they prefer to have the safety net of an additional layer. Some of these eWallets come with additional processing fees too so by keeping it between your Visa Debit card and your casino account you’re removing any extra costs.

To pay into your account with this payment method you simply need to login to your account as your chosen casino, find the Banking/Cashier area and look for the debit card payment method. You will need to add all your card details on the first time of depositing but after this you should only need to provide the CVC code as your account will safely store your card details.

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