HoGaming Casinos

An international gaming and entertainments company who are based in Hong Kong, HoGaming is best known for its provision of live dealer games. They have been providing live dealer casino games and software to the Asian market since the early 2000s and their products have slowly but surely been adopted in other markets and they have begun to be seen as a force in the authentic live casino sector of online gambling. Unlike many other brands they really are focused on the live dealer games niche and provide products in this sector to many recognisable online casino providers and brands, including BetVictor.

HoGaming History

HoGaming is a company who have quite a strong profile in their native country and surrounding markets and they are by no means a new company. However, their role on the global market is relatively new and it has only been in the last five years or so that they have become a player on the international scene. They keep things simple with their software which allows for straightforward in-browser non-downloadable gaming.

It was in 2012 that this company opened their first European Live Dealer studio casino and they chose to base it in Estonia, like many other live casino providers. It has allowed them to successfully offer live dealer gaming across Europe and it was soon after their European launch that they rolled out their newest version of their software which had been designed to be agile and responsive, suitable for mobile players and ensuring anyone can enjoy their live casino experience, wherever they may be.

HoGaming believe their solution and their whole brand has been developed with their end user in mind and works due to their innate understanding of each client’s requirements and the customisable nature of their system. They have developed user friendly interface which is both visually pleasing and keeps up with the real-time nature of live casino gaming and they have built their software with scalability in mind and incorporate administrative and analytical applications as well as customer support services if required by their individual clients.

HoGaming Now

HoGaming is a company which is treated like something of a newcomer on the global scene and they do keep their profile pretty under the spotlight even since their arrival in Europe. There is very little info out there about them, with a few announcements of licensing agreements over the years, with the most recent announcement being the granting of an Italian licence. They have also exhibited at ICE Totally Gaming a number of times.

They specialise in producing multiplayer live casino games which are designed to be as authentic and true-to-life as possible. They are flexibly designed and offer the transparency and high security that online casino operators expect and their games range includes Baccarat, Roulette and Blackjack.

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