Ingenuity Gaming Casinos

Ingenuity Gaming is a company which has taken its time to grow and find its place in the market. It is now a brand which has a good reputation and is known in the industry. The company specialises in providing a range of different solutions for a wide range of different gambling operators and online casino brands. The company’s profile is respected and they had a change of name which made them more marketable and recognisable on a global scale.

Ingenuity Gaming History

Founded in 2005, Ingenuity Gaming was originally a company which had a core focus on the development of games and software for land-based casinos and gaming machines. They were initially called Ishir Infotech Company and they are an Indian firm who have made the most of their location by drawing on a huge local talent pool. They are a company who have worked industriously to become a recognisable brand in the industry.

Ingenuity only came into life in their own right in 2005 and before this point they were a division of the larger firm Ishir Infotech Company. They began by focusing on gaming machines and software for venues with casino games and casinos themselves but as the market shifted so did the company focus and they made the moves to become a technologically-forward company in the online market, offering lottery, keno and table games. They are a brand who also took full advantage of the shift towards mobile gaming and tailored their games almost immediately to push their position in the market and to ensure that players get to enjoy their favourite games on any platform, whether that’s via desktop, tablet or another mobile device.

The standalone Ingenuity brand truly came into its own in 2012 and their talented team had the chance to move their focus solely to games development and production.

Ingenuity Gaming Today

This company is one which is proud to be moving forward and providing games in for a wide range of different providers. They have land-based games and software still as part of their portfolio and they have also invested heavily into their mobile developments including HTML5 and native app design. They also offer content rich, high quality products for regular online casinos and they have a professional team with experience in many different computer languages and software packages including Java, Flash and specialised back of house systems which are vital to providing quality software products in the gambling industry. Their end product is designed to be straightforward to use, easy to integrate and also simple to combine with other gaming software platforms to ensure casinos who want to offer a multi-software product the option of including games from this provider.

The company are pushing forward in many markets and exhibit regularly at trade shows and conferences. They have recently announced they have been chosen as the development partners for Chicago gaming company 2By2Gaming so they have a foot in the US market and since opting for their new and easily marketable name they have seen success come their way quite quickly. You can view the casinos which utilise this software below.