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ISWI is the acronym for Interactive Systems Worldwide Inc is known for the development of a single system which is used in sports betting. They are a company who specialise in design and development of online gambling software in general but it is their SportXction® System which has gained them most acclaim. This system is used for online batting channels around the globe and it can be used for football, tennis, cricket and many other sports. The system’s popularity has seen it launched as a standalone product but the product has been designed in such a sophisticated way that it can also be integrated within the systems of online betting clients and many brands have made the decision to use SportXction® including BetVictor and Ladbrokes.

ISWI History

Interactive Systems Worldwide Inc. was founded back in 1995 and the SportXction® System is what they became famous for. The system incorporates both hardware and software elements and is fully patented so the company can offer it to both land-based casinos and betting outlets as well as for use online. It has been sophisticatedly designed to allow users to easily wager at fixed prices throughout the course of any set sporting event and it allows for very specific betting focused on individual parts of an event too. The system was further developed to work as an interactive television product in 2004.

The company has stayed quite quiet since its launch and hasn’t made a huge splash, rather focusing on quietly going about its business and rolling out its product. There have been significant moments in their development of the years including developing an integrated version of their system for Interactive Sports Limited in 2006 and by 2007 a further deal was brokered with Ladbrokes. They pulled out of their standalone product deals with the Victor Chandler Group and also the BetShop Group.

The company headquarters are in New Jersey but they offer their products to markets around the world and in the UK they are handled via their local subsidiary, Global Interactive Gaming, and it has been this way since 2002.


The company is still offering and updating their patented SportXction® System and it is used by many recognisable gambling brands. It is found on many betting websites and also in physical betting terminals in both physical casinos and betting shops. The software is regularly updated and developed to ensure it remains a market leading company.

They have continued to expand what they offer through new acquisitions including the patent holdings of Kenilworth Systems which took place in 2014 and their focus remains the sports betting sector, with no clear plans to move into any other areas and whilst this is a relatively niche area they are one of the leading players.

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