MasterCard is one of the casino payment methods that we are probably most familiar with. MasterCard has been used in daily life for many years from online shopping to getting cash out of ATM machines and it is a credit card which is accepted in over 210 countries around the world and also by over 25 million individual companies. It is an internationally sound way of ensuring you can always access your cash wherever you may be and it is an easy way of topping up your casino account.

MasterCard is attached to your regular bank account usually but is its own separate account which you have to apply for and will have to go through credit checks for. Almost every recognisable banking brand offers MasterCard and many other companies do too, especially in the pre-paid MasterCard form.

What is MasterCard?

MasterCard is one of the most popular credit card options around the world. It acts as a guarantee of payment to your chosen casino or any kind of recipient as it pays in credit which you then pay back at a set rate along with interest. Each month you can choose to pay off your MasterCard balance or pay an amount towards it and it is a payment method that comes with a regular plastic payment card as well as easy virtual use. The worldwide platform on which it runs makes it a very popular and easy payment method to use.

The History of MasterCard

A group of American banks came together in the 1960s and in 1966 these banks, which included organisations from around the USA and many different states, formed the Interbank Card Association, known as the ICA. Soon after the banks launched their very first Master Charge: The Interbank Card and by 1968 the card could be used in Europe as the MasterCard International and Eurocard started an alliance which allowed the American company to access the European market with ease. The UK’s Access card system joined the alliance in 1972 and in 1979 Master Charge was officially renamed as MasterCard and by the 1990s they bought out the UK Access Card and the new American name became standard in the UK too.

In 2006 they renamed MasterCard International to MasterCard Worldwide and this was done to be representative of the global scale of their operations and in 2010 they expanded their ecommerce business and in 2012 they further expanded their mobile contactless payments program. The company also continued in their forward thinking ways by teaming up with Apple from September 2014 to incorporate a convenient mobile wallet feature into the newest Apple iPhones making it even easier to use their cards through your phone.

Making a Casino Deposit with MasterCard

It is a very quick and easy process to make a deposit in your casino account using this type of payment method. A huge range of casinos allow this method and there are very few where you won’t find it as an option and you should be able to find in the regular deposit area of your chosen site or perhaps under a credit cards tab, dependent on the layout of the site. You will need to enter your full card details, expiry date and the CVC code from the back of your card and once entered, they will be securely stored for later use if required.

When using any kind of credit card to fund your online gambling it is important to have a handle on your budget. You can explore the casinos offering this payment method below.