Williams Interactive

Williams Interactive is an interactive and innovative development studio that has undergone several changes since it was first launched only a few years ago. It has always been a subsidiary of WMS Industries but for the past few years WMS themselves have been a subsidiary of the larger Scientific Games company. The partnership and combination of forces created by WMS and Scientific Games combined has meant this software provider have become a leading player in the market and have developed some of the most exciting slots and other games. They also have a strong position in the global lottery market.

Williams Interactive History

Williams Interactive were created as a subsidiary of WMS in 2012. They were developed because of the demand for online gambling for their parent company and so the subsidiary was launched to give their interest in real-money, casual social and mobile gaming a chance to grow.

WMS Industries have been involved in the gaming industry since the 1940s and so their experience is unquestionable. The founder of the company, Harry Williams, is famous for the creation of the tilt mechanism for the classic pinball machine and this was one of the first elements essential to develop physical slot machines and the natural progression from this was to move into the online market. In 2012, WMS took control of Phantom EFX and Jadestone Group AB too.

Still in 2012 the social gaming strategy was what took centre stage at Williams as they launched their first Facebook social casino game and then made significant moves in the real money market, with contracts agreed with Unibet and Betsson to provide their range of innovative online slots.

Williams Interactive Now

The Scientific Games brand is where you will find anything about this development studio and even their parent company. Despite being absorbed within the larger brand SG are more than proud to market their games as Williams’ productions due to the fame attached to the name and the quality they are known to offer. This company remain to regularly create and launch new games under the SG label and there is almost always a new and innovative game under development if not being promoted to the market. They are positioned as the key online gaming arm of the parent company and are an essential part of the overall operations.

In the last few years Williams focus has been purely on games design and development, putting all their creative energy into games rather than sites and in fact a number of sites were closed down to allow their focus to be solely on new and exciting games production. Many of their slots are immediately recognisable and they are the name behind such series at Monopoly slots games.

New casinos have been slowly but surely picking up games from this provider and they have even made waves in the North American market, with their first slots content going live in New Jersey in 2015. You can view the casinos using this software below.