Boku is a relatively new payment method choice which makes it easier to get online and deposit cash if you do not have a bank account or credit card. Online casinos accepting Boku payments allow you to pay via your mobile phone bill and give you the opportunity to enjoy the same gaming experience as any other player. Boku has become more popular as smartphone and mobile device use has increased and its plus points include its accessibility, convenience and the additional security it offers.

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What is Boku?

Boku is described as a carrier-billing payment method. This means that any deposit you make using Boku will be charged to your mobile phone bill. It means you can avoid the need to register for an e-wallet or electronic payment method and you also do not need to share any financial details.

Boku is known for its flexibility and ease of use but it also makes playing online safer as you don’t have to share any of your personal financial information when playing real money slots. It eliminates the risk of fraud and data theft, although all white-listed casinos ensure they offer to say place to play. Cash deposited via Boku can be used on any web-enabled machine, not just via mobile so you can pay via Boku on a laptop or desktop computer or even a smart TV.

The History of Boku

Boku Inc. was originally founded in 2003 under the name Vidicom Limited in Chesterfield in the UK. Its founders worked to secure venture funding in Silicon Valley for the application ‘Mobillcash’ which soon evolved into what we now know as Boku. The first capital investment in the company arrived in August 2008 and began the company’s leap towards becoming a recognised force in mobile payments.

Vidacome Limited became Boku Inc. when they acquired and incorporated a Delaware company of the same name in 2009. It has become an established force in mobile payments with partners in many online service and games publishing companies including Electronic Arts, IGG, Playfish and Riot Games.

It has become established for its role in over 60 different market areas, expanding far beyond just online casino payments. Boku has made it easy and accessible for people who want to enjoy online casinos but for their own private reasons, many not have a bank account and it has also given people with security concerns an additional option for playing online.

Making a Casino Deposit with Boku

Boku can be used with all major UK mobile networks. It is a super-fast process and Boku is proud to offer what they had trademarked as a 1-Tap Payment™ process. On most casinos you can deposit via Boku by simply selecting the ‘Pay by Mobile’ option and from here you should be forwarded to the Boku payment screen where you can confirm the amount you want to pay in and also your phone number. You will then receive a text message to authorise your payment and you will need to reply to this message with a Y (at no cost). Your cash will then hit your account and your deposit will be added to your mobile phone bill.