Paysafecard is part of the Skrill Group and it has been designed to make payments on the internet as easy as possible. It is designed to be used for depositing at your chosen online casino and it can also be used around different websites online. As well as being an online service it is possible to get a Paysafecard YUNA MasterCard in certain regions, which adds a further functionality to signing up for an account with this provider.
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What is a Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is a prepaid card payment system which makes it very easy to make secure payments online. When you buy a Paysafecard it will be for a set value and when you make the purchase you will be provided with a 16-digit PIN code which is the key you need to be able to access your funds and use them for whatever purpose you have in mind, including your online casino deposits.

You can have up to 10 Paysafecard PIN codes at once and this means you can have access to a maximum of €1000 transferred into Paysafecard digital money at any one time. By visiting their website you can keep a check on your account balance and in Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and France you can also opt for that prepaid YUNA MasterCard which allows you to use the credit you have stored in your account like regular cash.

The History of Paysafecard

Paysafecard is part of the Paysafe Group PLC and the parent company was launched in 1996, located on the Isle of Man and regulated in the United Kingdom. Skrill Group is a further subsidiary of the Paysafe Group and it ensures that the main players in the payments industry are well integrated and give customers the chance to access high quality secure, services available.

The company has won many awards for its quality from the 2009 Leading Prepaid Organisation at the Prepaid Awards to the 2015 Consumer Value prize at Paybefore Awards. They have also picked up awards for IT innovation and for the quality of their digital currency.

The parent company was founded in 2000 and has grown quickly and this payment method is available in 42 countries around the world and is positioned as one of the leading providers of prepaid payments in Europe and the benefits of choosing this payment method include the speed at which is works and the fact that these deposits are anonymous and your personal financial details are kept private.

Making a Casino Deposit with Paysafecard

This is a very straight forward payment method to top up your casino account with. You simply need to visit the Deposits section of your chosen online casino and find the Paysafecard section. Once you reach this area you simply need to pop in the amount you want to deposit and also the PIN code of your Paysafecard. The funds will be immediately debited from your payment system and added instantaneously to the casino account balance, so you can start playing immediately. In other online environments you may be able to combine up to 10 PIN codes but for casinos this is not allowed so you will need to make a separate deposit for each Paysafecard.

You can view the casinos currently accepting this payment method below.


Bitcoin casino gaming has become significantly more popular as bitcoin has been more and more accepted as a genuine currency. Cubits provides a full facility for buying, selling and accepting bitcoin and it benefits from having an extremely user-friendly interface which makes bitcoin more accessible to a much wider audience.

The interface allows you to both buy and sell bitcoin and have a secure place for your bitcoin to be held. Not many bitcoin facilities offer a comprehensive level of service in the same way as Cubits which makes it stand out in the market. More and more casinos are accepting Cubits as an effective and functional way of players using bitcoin as a payment method. They also appreciate that payment systems like Cubits facilitate players from more regions around the world than most other payment options.

What is Cubits?

Cubits describes itself as an all-inclusive platform for buying, selling and accepting bitcoin. It stands out from other offerings on the market because of the Cubits Wallet element where you can securely store your bitcoin as well as transfer and pay with them. It is this wallet element which is most relevant to casino gaming as you will use your wallet to transfer your bitcoin to play at your chosen casinos. Cubits has been designed to accommodate many different industries including eCommerce and the gambling sector.

The History of Cubits

Cubits was only founded in 2014 but it has become very popular very quickly. It launched a year after founding and is recognised as one of Europe’s fastest growing bitcoin marketplaces. It was founded and is headquartered in London and it prides itself on combining many different bitcoin services so users can simply stick to Cubits instead of needing to move from platform to platform.

Cubits supports 17 individual currencies and it incorporates seamless payment and wallet modules as well as facilitating instant bitcoin transactions. It also prides itself on providing a secure environment for the storage of bitcoin.

To further its role in the casino industry this payment method provider has teamed up with Softswiss, a recognised leader in bitcoin casino gaming, furthering their position as the go-to bitcoin payment partner for casinos.

Making a Casino Deposit with Cubits

When you want to make a deposit with this payment method you have to ensure you have both registered for your Cubits Wallet and are registered at the casino. You can simply visit your chosen casinos payments, banking or deposits page and from here you can click the link for Cubits. From this point you should be redirected to a Cubits interface screen and be able to simply enter your address and access your wallet. Once you’re in you can simply choose the amount you want to play with and make the deposit in a few short seconds.

Explore the casinos currently offering this payment method below.


SOFORT is an established payment system which was founded in Germany and has been used for eCommerce payments across Europe, as well as in the gambling industry. They are a business who are fully focused on delivering high quality online payment systems at all times and they are focused on providing fair conditions and improved convenience with their product. They are a German company but they have become a leading provider of e-payments and e-payments software for casino players and other online transactions across Europe.

What is SOFORT?

SOFORT is short of Sofortüberweisung and is cleverly the German word for ‘immediately’.  SOFORT is an e-wallet style payment system which means you can make payments into your SOFORT wallet via your bank account and then transfer from there to your casino account. This means there is no need for your bank account and casino account to be connected. Like all other e-wallets the benefit of opting for this type of payment method are mainly in the speed of service they offer and the convenience too.

SOFORT is a great choice if you want to remove your bank from the process of dealing with your casino transactions. Many casinos also prefer you to use e-payment methods as they are cheaper to process and more straightforward. You may even find casinos which offer special bonuses if you choose to deposit via e-wallets such as SOFORT so it is something definitely worth looking out for.

The History of SOFORT

SOFORT was founded in 2005, making it one of the most established e-payment methods on the market. Whilst it is more popular in Germany than other countries it is used by casino players across Europe, as well as in the United Kingdom.

It has been an international payment method for almost all of its time as an incorporated company and it is partnered with over 25,000 online shops and e-commerce outlets, as well as online casinos.

Making a Casino Deposit with SOFORT

Before you can make a casino deposit with SOFORT you need to have an account with the e-payment system setup. This only takes a few short minutes and it is a similar process to other e-wallet and e-payment systems such as PayPal and Skrill.

At most casinos, when you have your SOFORT account setup, you can simply follow their payments page select SOFORT as your deposit method and follow the on-screen instructions. Transactions using this deposit method should be instantaneous and should hit your account as soon as you confirm the amount you want to pay in.

There are a wide range of different casinos on the market offering SOFORT as a payment method and you can explore a number of them below.


Boku is a relatively new payment method choice which makes it easier to get online and deposit cash if you do not have a bank account or credit card. Online casinos accepting Boku payments allow you to pay via your mobile phone bill and give you the opportunity to enjoy the same gaming experience as any other player. Boku has become more popular as smartphone and mobile device use has increased and its plus points include its accessibility, convenience and the additional security it offers.

What is Boku?

Boku is described as a carrier-billing payment method. This means that any deposit you make using Boku will be charged to your mobile phone bill. It means you can avoid the need to register for an e-wallet or electronic payment method and you also do not need to share any financial details.

Boku is known for its flexibility and ease of use but it also makes playing online safer as you don’t have to share any of your personal financial information when playing real money slots. It eliminates the risk of fraud and data theft, although all white-listed casinos ensure they offer to say place to play. Cash deposited via Boku can be used on any web-enabled machine, not just via mobile so you can pay via Boku on a laptop or desktop computer or even a smart TV.

The History of Boku

Boku Inc. was originally founded in 2003 under the name Vidicom Limited in Chesterfield in the UK. Its founders worked to secure venture funding in Silicon Valley for the application ‘Mobillcash’ which soon evolved into what we now know as Boku. The first capital investment in the company arrived in August 2008 and began the company’s leap towards becoming a recognised force in mobile payments.

Vidacome Limited became Boku Inc. when they acquired and incorporated a Delaware company of the same name in 2009. It has become an established force in mobile payments with partners in many online service and games publishing companies including Electronic Arts, IGG, Playfish and Riot Games.

It has become established for its role in over 60 different market areas, expanding far beyond just online casino payments. Boku has made it easy and accessible for people who want to enjoy online casinos but for their own private reasons, many not have a bank account and it has also given people with security concerns an additional option for playing online.

Making a Casino Deposit with Boku

Boku can be used with all major UK mobile networks. It is a super-fast process and Boku is proud to offer what they had trademarked as a 1-Tap Payment™ process. On most casinos you can deposit via Boku by simply selecting the ‘Pay by Mobile’ option and from here you should be forwarded to the Boku payment screen where you can confirm the amount you want to pay in and also your phone number. You will then receive a text message to authorise your payment and you will need to reply to this message with a Y (at no cost). Your cash will then hit your account and your deposit will be added to your mobile phone bill.

Pay by Phone Bill

Simply doing what its name suggests, many casinos allow you to make a deposit into your account via your phone bill. Choosing to pay by phone bill is an option many people prefer because it keeps their financial details private and also means they can play online, even if they don’t have a regular bank account or alternative payment method. Boku is one method of paying by phone bill but there are also others offered by different casinos.

Paying by phone bill is a method of topping up your casino account using your mobile phone bill. It works on the basis that whatever amount you choose to deposit is charged to your pay monthly mobile phone account or alternatively, if you have a pay as you go phone, it will be deducted from your credit. Pay by Phone deposits can be made from any device including computers and laptops as once the payment is made, it is confirmed via SMS to your phone. Once you authorise the payment it will be charged to your phone bill and the cash will then be yours to pay with.

The History

There are a range of different provides of pay by phone bill methods. Dependent on the online casino in question they will have their own chosen method which could be Boku or another payment method such as PayForIt. Each casino provider can choose their own partner and it makes no difference to the player as they will follow a similar process in every instance and all they need is their phone number and, if on pay as you go, the credit to make the deposit planned. Many new casinos, especially those with a focus on mobile players, are particularly keen on offering pay by phone bill and SMS payment solutions as they add convenience and ease for the customer, as well as added security for those who don’t like to share their financial information online.

How To Make Payment

Making a deposit via phone bill depends on the system each casino has in place. They will usually have a choice between ‘Pay by Phone Bill’ or ‘Pay by Mobile’ options on their payment methods page and once you have clicked this you will be taken to the casino’s mobile payment provider partner page. Here you will usually be asked to choose the amount you want to deposit and then enter your mobile phone number. On confirming this information, you will be send an SMS message and replying to this message as it requests will result in the deposit being made, debited from your pay as you go credit or added to your pay monthly phone bill.

Visa Credit (Not Available In The UK)

Visa Electron is a debit card method of payment which is less frequently used than other kinds such as regular Visa and Maestro yet is still used by some and it can be found at a range of different casinos as a possible payment choice for deposits and withdrawals. Electron was first introduced in 1985 by Visa Inc. and was available in many countries with a view exceptions including the United States, Canada, Ireland and Australia.

What is Visa Electron?

Visa Electron is a special kind of debit card which is available in most countries and has been since 1985. It is a sister to the regular Debit card from Visa but works in a slightly different. The Electron is a very basic bank card which requires all of your funds to be available when a transfer is made. This means this type of card account can never be overdrawn, not even by 1p. It is a payment method which is not accepted everywhere but it does have its benefits, particularly if you are worried about your spending habits and need to curb yourself.

The History of Visa Electron

Electron was launched in 1985 as part of the much larger Visa Inc. As part of such a huge network it benefits from being part of one of the largest electronic payment companies in the world, and this has been the case since its first inception. Being part of Visa has allowed this card to be available around the world and it is available in 170 different countries and territories around the globe. The Visa Inc. Network has more than 30 million shops, merchants and online companies which accept Electron and is still a relatively popular use for casino deposits.

From the UK market perspective this type of card is becoming less and less common and most UK banks don’t offer it anymore. The only major UK bank which is still offering this card is Halifax whereas most others offer Visa Debits instead for their most basic account holders. As early as 2009 news reports were suggesting the Electron card was being phased out but there are still some out there and if you have one and want to enjoy online gambling then you need to know where the card can be used.

Making a Casino Deposit with Visa Electron

Like any other debit, credit or any kind of card payment into your casino account paying money in with this method is quick and easy. Simply enter the Deposit section of the Cashier or Banking area of your chosen casino and then select this payment type. On the first time of doing this you will need to enter all your details but once you’ve registered your card you will then just need to tap in a few details, your CVC details usually and the amount you want to deposit.

Whilst Visa Electron isn’t as popular as it once was there are still cards out there and if you have one and want to enjoy the online gaming scene then you can visit any of the casinos listed below.


Quick Pay is a market leading money service which is offered by the well-known financial services company Western Union. It is a speedy service as the name suggests and is designed to make it easy to transfer cash both locally and internationally to any merchant or to any individual account. Western Union are a well-known brand and Quick Pay is their method for speeding up online transactions. There are over 200,000 Quick Pay Agent locations in more than 170 countries around the world and it is designed to provide simple and fast transactions in a convenient way and it is offered by a range of different online casinos.

What is Quick Pay?

Quick Pay is a quick method of online payments which involves visiting a local Western Union agent or store point. Quick Pay is known to be reliable because of the reputation of their partner service and of course the fact that it is happily used by hundreds of thousands of individual users as well as businesses. It is a beneficial choice if you are a regular Western Union customer and know how their services work and it also helps you to save on potential transfer fees when other methods are used.

The History of Quick Pay

Quick Pay’s history is quite short and sweet as it is simply an extension of Western Union but Western Union is a company which dates back to the 19th century.

They began as a telegraph service provider but quickly realised the benefits of delivering money transfers. By 1871 they had introduced their first money transfer service and by 2006 they no longer offered telegraph services at all. They have developed alongside other payment systems and you can access Western Union via a mobile app and it has many different elements including information about Quick Pay.

Making a Casino Deposit with Quick Pay

This is a payment system which is designed for customers who may not have a traditional bank account or may not have much trust in traditional banking and financial organisations. It is a convenient way of ensuring your account can be topped up and as Western Union are a world-renowned brand with a history that dates back into the 19th century, they are certainly trustworthy and can be used on a one off basis.

The processing time for this kind of payment is longer than most players would like but most casinos are transparent about their processing times so you can make your mind up before choosing this method.

To make a deposit into your casino account via Quick Pay from Western Union you need the company code and account number for your chosen casino so you can take them to your Western Union agent and make it clear where you are wanting your funds to go. You also need to make sure you contact Customer Support too and provide them with your account username, the deposit details including the Money transfer Control Number (MTCN), amount and currency used. This is secure and gives you peace of mind about the transaction remaining anonymous and you still have your funds to play with.

You can explore the casinos offering Quick Pay below.


More known as a method of being paid your wages than funding your casino, BACS is a less common way of getting your cash into your casino account but there are some sites out there which accept payments by BACS. As BACS is a familiar system to many it appeals to them when registering with a new casino.

What is BACS?

BACS is short for Bacs Payment Schemes Limited and is one of the simplest methods for moving money around and transferring funds from your bank account straight to your online casino account. As this system is so popular in the UK it is understandable some players want to be able to use it to keep their accounts topped up.

Since BACS was first developed there have been more than 110 billion transactions via this method and there are records constantly being made and smashed as more and more cash goes into and out of UK bank accounts.

The History of BACS

BACS was first introduced as an electronic transfer of funds method between banks in 1968 as the Inter Bank Computer Bureau looked for a way to improve the clearing system and taking out the need for a complex paper trail. In 1971 the IBCB was renamed the Bankers Automated Clearing Services and by 1986 this company was simply Bacs Limited.

Things changed further by 2003 as Bacs Payment Schemes Limited was split off separately from Bacs Limited and run as a not for profit organisation with a board of banking industry members in place to promote the use of and setting of exact rules for automated payments.

Bacs Limited continued as the owner of the infrastructure on which BACS payment systems were run and this only changed in 2004 when they became Voca Limited who then once again changed after a merger with UK switch provider LINK Interchange Network Limited, which took place in 2007. VocaLink is the company that now owns the infrastructure along which payment schemes operate.

Making a Casino Deposit via BACS

Choosing BACS for your casino deposits may make logical sense as you use it for other purposes but it is important to remember that this is quite a slow process when compared to newer electronic payment methods. This type of payment may take up to five working days to complete but it has the benefit of choosing between debit or credit payments each time and you can make withdrawals directly into your bank account. It is also a payment scheme which is strictly regimented and has rules it must follow and this means you can be safe in the security it offers.

Making a BACS payment at your chosen casino is a quick process when it comes to putting it through, it’s only the processing which takes a little bit longer. You can access the BACS deposit method via the Cashier/Banking page of your chosen site and from here you can simply follow the on-screen instructions and soon have the payment in the processing system.

This isn’t a popular method of deposit for casinos in general but you can find the casinos which do offer this type of payment below.

Western Union

Western Union is a very old and well reputed cash and online money transfer service. It has been around since the 19th century and they have developed considerably from this time. It isn’t a hugely popular method of casino payment but it is a great choice for people who are already familiar with its systems and enjoy the anonymity it offers in transactions. It is important to remember that Western Union charges a fee for its money transfers, dependent on the amount sent.
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What is Western Union?

This payment service pride themselves on offering ‘money in minutes’ internationally and it is mainly used as a service between people in different countries. It offers three main methods of making payments, although only one is really relevant to the online casino market.

Through this payment method you can make payments in cash, in person through a Western Union agent and you can also make payments over the telephone, although this depends where on the world you are based and where you are sending money. From the perspective of online casino customers, you will be using this payment method via the internet. To do this you have to create a Western Union account which takes a few short moments and then you can use your account to pay cash into and then use this cash to fund your casino account.

There is also a physical MasterCard linked to this payment method, which is pre-paid and means you can utilise the money in this account like any other bank account or credit card facility.

The History of Western Union

As mentioned this is a payment method with a seriously long history. It was founded in 1851 when two men, Sibley and Cornell, separately established telegraph companies in the US. They began life as competitors but soon realised the benefits of combining their efforts and in 1855 they joined forces. In 1871 the company introduced its first money transfer service and this is the service which has brought the company the most success and far overtaken their telegraphs.

The company has grown in strength over the years, discontinuing its telegraph services in 2006 and from 2009 onwards they made a series of acquisitions which has seen the company grow even further and they have introduced mobile transfers through their app.

Making a Casino Deposit with Western Union

It is a little tricky to make this kind of deposit into your casino account when you’re attempting to set the payment method up but when it’s done it’s worth it. It is a very safe payment method and if you are already a user then you know what to expect.

At most casinos you will need to contact the customer support team directly to discuss the information you need to swap to be able to carry out the Western Union transfer. Once the player gives the details to the payment service then needs to tell the casino what the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) is so they can look out for it and connect up the cash with the right account.

This does seem like a drawn out process but if you are a fan of this payment method then you’ll already be quite familiar of what you need to do. You can view the casinos which offer Western Union payments below.

Wire transfer

A wire transfer, also known as a bank transfer is one of the oldest methods of payment into online casinos and in many ways on the internet in general and before. The only type of payment which precedes bank transfers in the history of money is cash payments and as the name suggests it is simple a process of funds from your bank account being transferred to another location, in this instance, your online casino account.

What is a Wire Transfer?

In its most basic form a wire transfer is the movement of money from one place to another, electronically. When looked at it step-by-step it seems like quite a drawn out process and it works through the payer making sure they have the information relating to their own bank account and the bank account they are paying the funds into. This will include everything from the payer and payee addresses as well as their name, bank addresses, bank account numbers and banking codes such as sort codes, BIC and IBAN.

With this information the bank can then be ordered to carry out the transfer and both parties involve are required to verify the data provided and this is why a wire transfer’s payment processing time is often longer than eWallet and other electronic payment methods and it is estimated a bank transfer should take place within 3 and 5 business days. There are also instant wire transfers which work more quickly and are offered by some banks.

It is important to remember that some wire transfer methods have fees attached so you should always make sure to check in advance.

The History of the Wire Transfer

The modern day wire transfer officially came into being and was recognised as a payment method when Western Union launched their wire transfers service, the first of its kind, in 1872, using its pre-existing telegraph network. Using individual passwords and code books, telegraph operators in one office would ‘wire’ money that had been paid into that office to anther telegraph operator in another office, to be paid out to the receiving customer.

The service has improved and got much quicker with the growth of the internet and now wire transfers are almost always electronic and processed through the internet. This payment method has remained popular over the years because of its safety and this is why so many casinos still have it as an option.

Making a Casino Deposit via Wire Transfer

To choose a wire transfer for funding your casino account you will need to look for the Wire or Bank Transfer tab on the Deposit page within the Banking or Cashier area of your chosen site. On visiting this area, you will be provided with the bank account details of the casino and you need to make a copy of these and use them to fill out a wire transfer form in your bank in person or via your online internet banking, whichever you prefer.

After 3 to 5 days your funds should hit your casino account and you should find an email confirming this from your casino and so you’re ready to start playing. People still stick to bank transfers because they are an assured and safe way to move funds around but there is the time delay involved. You can explore the casinos which accept this kind of payment method below.


Not the most modern of payment methods or one that may be around for much longer, it is still possible to fund your casino account via cheque. It is one of the slowest methods of payment but if it’s your preferred method then you will still be able to find casinos which let you use this method.

What is a Cheque?

You probably already know what a cheque is but basically, it is a paper document which orders your bank to pay a specific amount of money from your account (as stated on the cheque) to the person whose name is written on the cheque and is therefore issued to. Cheques take a little time to process and that’s without considering the need to post them to the recipient which is why they have mainly fallen out of fashion.

The History of Bank Cheques

Cheques have been a method of payment for centuries and they are popular because they are a well-known method and they are tried and tested.

The first cheques are said to have been used by the Ancient Romans, in a very primitive form and they were also seen in 13th century Venice and in the 16th century in the Dutch Republic. Cheques first entered the English system from the 17th century and were initially known as drawn notes and in 1717 the Bank of England made the decision to use a pre-printed form which was designed to try and limit fraud.

The first personalised cheques, featuring the customer’s name, were said to have been introduced by the Commercial Bank of Scotland in 1811 and the first cheque books were launched in 1830 by the Bank of England.

Moving to the modern chequing industry, there has been a cheque guarantee in place since 1969 and they allowed retailers to guarantee a cheque would be honoured at the point of sale but by the 1990s the cheque guarantee card started to be withdrawn and debit cards were used in the same way.

2010 marked the end for the cheque in many countries and it is slowly being phased out around the world, but it is not done yet.

Using Cheques for your Casino Deposit

It isn’t a popular way to make deposits into your casino account but it is still possible at a select number of casino sites. It is a lengthy process both for the player and the casino but some are still accepting of players who want to fund their account in this way.

When you enter the Cashier/Banking section of your account at your chosen casino you should be able to find the Cheque section and here you will be provided with the exact company name you need to make the cheque out to and the address to send it to as well as anything additional you need to include such as your account number and anything else the casino may need to know to ensure they can get your funds to your account as quickly as possible.

Below you can explore those casinos which are still accepting this payment method.


MasterCard is one of the casino payment methods that we are probably most familiar with. MasterCard has been used in daily life for many years from online shopping to getting cash out of ATM machines and it is a credit card which is accepted in over 210 countries around the world and also by over 25 million individual companies. It is an internationally sound way of ensuring you can always access your cash wherever you may be and it is an easy way of topping up your casino account.

MasterCard is attached to your regular bank account usually but is its own separate account which you have to apply for and will have to go through credit checks for. Almost every recognisable banking brand offers MasterCard and many other companies do too, especially in the pre-paid MasterCard form.

What is MasterCard?

MasterCard is one of the most popular credit card options around the world. It acts as a guarantee of payment to your chosen casino or any kind of recipient as it pays in credit which you then pay back at a set rate along with interest. Each month you can choose to pay off your MasterCard balance or pay an amount towards it and it is a payment method that comes with a regular plastic payment card as well as easy virtual use. The worldwide platform on which it runs makes it a very popular and easy payment method to use.

The History of MasterCard

A group of American banks came together in the 1960s and in 1966 these banks, which included organisations from around the USA and many different states, formed the Interbank Card Association, known as the ICA. Soon after the banks launched their very first Master Charge: The Interbank Card and by 1968 the card could be used in Europe as the MasterCard International and Eurocard started an alliance which allowed the American company to access the European market with ease. The UK’s Access card system joined the alliance in 1972 and in 1979 Master Charge was officially renamed as MasterCard and by the 1990s they bought out the UK Access Card and the new American name became standard in the UK too.

In 2006 they renamed MasterCard International to MasterCard Worldwide and this was done to be representative of the global scale of their operations and in 2010 they expanded their ecommerce business and in 2012 they further expanded their mobile contactless payments program. The company also continued in their forward thinking ways by teaming up with Apple from September 2014 to incorporate a convenient mobile wallet feature into the newest Apple iPhones making it even easier to use their cards through your phone.

Making a Casino Deposit with MasterCard

It is a very quick and easy process to make a deposit in your casino account using this type of payment method. A huge range of casinos allow this method and there are very few where you won’t find it as an option and you should be able to find in the regular deposit area of your chosen site or perhaps under a credit cards tab, dependent on the layout of the site. You will need to enter your full card details, expiry date and the CVC code from the back of your card and once entered, they will be securely stored for later use if required.

When using any kind of credit card to fund your online gambling it is important to have a handle on your budget. You can explore the casinos offering this payment method below.


Maestro is one of the most recognisable brands in banking and finance and their logo as well as their name is known around the world. As a debit card option it is one of the simplest and most popular ways of topping up your casino account.

What is Maestro?

Maestro is a multi-national debit card service which is owned by MasterCard. Cards for this debit system are provided alongside bank accounts from banks around the world and they are usually linked to the card holder’s regular current account although they are sometimes in prepaid card form. The most common use of this payment method is at the till or point of sale in shops and for online purchases. When the PIN code is entered into a Chip and Pin machine or when the card details are written into the sales page when checking out of an online store the payment is then authorised by the card issuing bank, provided the cardholder has the funds to carry out the transaction.

The History of Maestro

Maestro was founded by MasterCard in 1992 and has remained a leading debit card choice since this date. It is the comparative product to the Visa Debit in Europe but in most other countries it is the equivalent of the Visa Electron, which requires electronic authorisation and will not allow payments to be authorised if they go even one penny over the account balance to which the card is linked.

Prior to 2004 Switch existed in the United Kingdom alongside Maestro but it was rebranded in this year to create a more unified system. The newest Maestro cards released now have contactless pay technology too which makes it easier to pay at points of sale.

Making a Casino Deposit with Maestro

If you like to keep a proper track of your casino deposits via your regular bank account and you have one of these cards linked to your account then it is the best option for topping up your account and also for making withdrawals.

Some casinos don’t accept credit card payments but almost every one allows debit card payments, including this payment method, and this includes casinos where US players are allowed. Using your debit card means you are cutting out the middle man in the form of an eWallet or other electronic payment method and whilst this is a good idea if you like things streamlined you may want to exercise caution if you prefer to keep your financial details away from your casino account. You have to share your account details to be able to pay with your debit card and whilst all reputable casinos offer a secure payment processing system it is understandable that some people want to keep their details private.

You will find this payment method in the Deposit section of your casino’s Banking/Cashier page and you simply add in your card details as you would whenever making an online purchase and once you’ve entered them once then you do not need to do it again, you can simply re-select your card.

Below you can explore a wide range of casinos which accept Maestro payments.


UKash is a former payment system from the United Kingdom which works on the basis that you exchanged your real money for electric money which could be used without the need to share your bank details with online retailers or casinos. It allowed users to exchange cash for a secure code which allowed them to make payments online but as of April 2015 it has been part of the Skrill Group and was quite quickly absorbed into their Paysafecard system and UKash codes are no longer in use.
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The History of UKash

UKash was founded in 2005 and it was a popular system which allowed their account users to make an exchange between their real cash and secure online codes. These codes could be used to make payments online, to load up cards or even to fund eWallets and money transfers. The codes were available around the world in retail locations, kiosks and some ATMs as well as online. Before UKash became part of the Skrill Group it moved forward in many ways with the launch of a UKash Travel Money Prepaid MasterCard in June 2014 and also a prepaid MasterCard for both Euros and US Dollars and this card could be used in any location where MasterCard was accepted.

It was in 2015 that this company became part of the Skrill Group and this meant their secure cash codes were replaced by the group’s Paysafecard system as soon as 31st October 2015. The Paysafecard system has some similarities to this payment system but it did mark a big change for those loyal to the UKash system.

UKash worked through exchanging your cash at participating outlets or online and your cash gained you a 19-digit secure code. This code could then be used on many different websites or used to top-up your eWallet and it could be used in a wide range of different online casinos too.

Using Paysafecard for Online Casino Payments

As UKash no longer exists the alternative put in place is Paysafecard and you can use Paysafecard with ease to top up your account. Paysafecard works through converting currency into digital money on your Paysafecard account which has a unique PIN and this PIN is the equivalent of a bank card PIN and without it you can’t access your money.

Once you have bought your Paysafecard and topped up your account you can then make a deposit via your code to your chosen casino site. The main issue people have with this payment method though, is that it cannot be used as a withdrawal method and so it can only be used to top your account up.

To view casinos which formerly offered UKash payment explore below and you will find in many instances they now offer Paysafecard.


PayPal is one of the most recognisable payment methods in the world and whilst it isn’t always necessarily connected to online casinos and is often related to ecommerce and online shopping, it is a respected and trusted payment system which most online casinos have now added to their range of accepted payment methods.

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What is PayPal?

PayPal is a respected online payment system which is most regularly used for making online and mobile payments to other people, to web shops and to other pay sites such as casinos. To be able to make a PayPal payment you require an account with them which you can login to via your email address and you then need to link your account to your regular bank account or credit card so PayPal can access funds securely and ensure you have them ready to transfer to your casino account.

One of the stipulations that PayPal has when working with online casinos is that they must be regulated and this means you will only find this payment method at white-listed reputable casinos and so you have an additional indictor of the safe nature of the site you have chosen to play at.

The History of PayPal

PayPal has gone through many changes since it first launched. It began when two companies, and Confinity, launched separate, similar products which were in competition in the financial market. The first version of PayPal was released by Confinity in 1999 and by 2000 this company and had merged to add their combined experience and talent to the product. They initially went forward with the name but quickly reverted to PayPal and made the move to adopt eBay as a key platform for growing its user numbers and because eBay needed a reliable online payment system. They tried to launch their own system, Billpoint, but quite quickly found the competition from PayPal was fierce and this resulted in eBay acquiring PayPal in 2002 and then experienced absolutely huge growth that outperformed even their parent company.

From 2010 onwards PayPal made the decision to move forward into new territories which included in-store payments, international growth, micropayments and more tools directed specifically at the small to medium sized business market. They launched some hardware to complement their product and also collaborated with physical stores to make in-store payments a reality.

In September 2014 the partnership between eBay and PayPal was confirmed as over. The split allows PayPal to work more flexibly and whilst it still offers eBay its service it is able to grow in new directions and this includes the service they offer to the online casino market.

Making a Casino Deposit with PayPal

If you already have a PayPal account and most people, these days do then making a deposit using this account could not be simpler. If you don’t have an account, the registration process is quick and painless and then you will be able to follow these instructions.

To make your deposit simply visit the Cashier or Banking area of your chosen casino, find the Deposits page and look for the PayPal logo or link. Once clicked you will need to fill in the amount you want to transfer into your casino account and then you will be directed to login to your PayPal account and once you click confirm the funds will be instantly transferred. You can make withdrawals using the same process reversed and the secure nature of this method combined with its strong industry reputation means it is becoming more and more popular.


Skrill is a UK-based payment company which began life in 2001. They describe themselves as a money service business and provide online and electronical financial services to clients around the world. They are proud of a client base which exceed 36 million and they offer their service over 200 different countries, with over 40 currencies available. You will find Skrill at many different online casinos as well as in use in web shops and ecommerce sites.
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What is Skrill?

Skrill is an electronic payment service and in the case of casino players it works by providing you with a personal online bank account, in the form of an eWallet, and this can then be uploaded with money and then, rather than putting your bank details into online casinos, you can use your Skrill account to make e-payments.

Once you have opened your Skrill account you need to upload funds to the account to be able to use it for payments and regular methods for funding Skrill accounts include credit card, conventional bank transfers and even moving money from a different eWallet into your new account here. The big benefit of using this particular payment method is that it is instant and also all transactions are anonymous, with sophisticated encryption software ensuring all payments are kept safe. This company has also teamed up with MasterCard so it is possible to request a physical payment card too.

The History of Skrill

When it was founded in 2001, Skrill was known as Moneybookers and the domain in this name was registered in that same year. By June 2001 Moneybookers Limited had been incorporated in the UK and the website and their innovative payment system was launched in 2002. In the first two years of operation nearly 2 million users signed up and things were off to a flying start.

In 2007 Moneybookers found themselves bought up by Investcorp Technology Partners who put efforts into improving the company and were able to sell it on in 2009, for a considerably higher price than it was bought for.

In February 2010 Moneybookers was ranked as the fastest growing private equity backed company in the UK, based on profits alone, and in September 2011 the company rebranded and relaunched as Skrill. The company has changed hands against since and was bought by CVC Capital Partners in 2013.

The company has seen many developments in its time and leading the market in online gaming it was approved by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, making it the only sanctions eWallet for internet gambling in the American state.

Their real growth in the market was further asserted when they bought rival company UKash in 2015.

Making a Casino Deposit with Skrill

Depositing with this payment method is really straight forward, provided you have your account all setup and ready to go. All you need to do is visit the Deposit page of your casino opt for the Skrill payment method and then you will simply need to provide your account email address and the amount you want to deposit; in the currency you want to deposit it in. The money will land instantly in your casino account and you will be ready start playing.

Explore the casinos currently offering this payment method below.


Neteller, stylised NETELLER, is an online payment method which has been favoured by many online casinos for many years. It is such a popular payment method that it often comes with cashback bonuses and much more to encourage more players to give it a go. It is an example of a successful eWallet and the company is based on the Isle of Man, as a subsidiary of the market leading Paysafe Group.


NETELLER is an example of an effective online electronic wallet which is used by many people to send and receive funds via the internet. Most people treat their NETELLER wallet as a further online bank account which you can upload money to and through which you can pay out funds to many different recipients, including online casinos.

To access this payment system, you need to sign up to their website and open an account. To get an account you need to provide your basic personal details and you will need to specify you preferred account currency and to hold an account you must have a valid email address. Within five minutes you will have your account and with your NETELLER ID you can start transferring funds. To fund your NETELLER account you need to connect it to your credit or debit card, set up bank transfers or even connect it with other eWallet and online payment systems.

Like many other payment systems you can get a physical MasterCard-linked prepaid card to go with your account and this means you can use the funds in your eWallet account.

The History of NETELLER

NETELLER was founded in 1999 and began life as part of the publicly traded company Optimal Payments PLC, a company which was based in Canada but by 2004 the company headquarters had moved to the Isle of Man and it is subject to the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom and is listed as an ‘Authorised Electronic Money Institution’ in official records.

The company has been part of Paysafe Financial Services Limited for many years now and has forged ahead as a leading alternative to traditional bank-based payment methods.

The system claims to be available in over 200 countries around the world and has millions of account holders. It is a hugely popular method for casino deposits and withdrawals so many of these account holders will have their accounts specifically for the purpose of online gaming and betting. The extent of which this system is prevalent in the casino industry was shown when the figures from 2000 were analysed and 80% of all money transactions between players and websites were through NETELLER. Since this year there have been other big payment methods brought into the market and older methods that have become more popular but this is still a recognised force in the industry.

Making a Casino Deposit with NETELLER

With a NETELLER account you are perfectly setup to make deposits and withdrawals from your chosen casinos. All you need to do is access the Cashier or Banking section of your chosen casino and find the Deposit page. Once there you should look out for the NETELLER logo or link and once you followed it you can simply enter the amount you want to deposit and login to your NETELLER account using your account ID and security ID. The money you deposit will hit your account straight away and is transferred securely, so you can start playing your favourite games.

Below you can explore the casinos that offer this payment method.

Visa Debit

One of the most popular brands of debit card in the world and in turn is one of the top methods of depositing and withdrawing from casinos, Visa Debit is the major brand of debit card issued by Visa Inc. Many banks are connected to Visa and it allows them to issue these cards with their current accounts and access their funds with ease. It is most commonly used for regular payments in stores and shops and also for online payments. As one of the most popular debit card types there is, almost every casino you come across will accept Visa Debit.

What is Visa Debit?

Visa Debit is one of the world’s leading debit cards issued by the Visa Inc. and used in countries all around the world. Many different banks in many different regions issue Visa cards and they are commonly issued when new bank accounts are opened as a convenient and functional way of accessing funds with ease.

Many countries which don’t have this type of debit cards issued do allow it to be used via their ATMs which is a signal of what a large influence on the market it is.

The History of Visa Debit

The first debit cards issued in the United Kingdom were not Visa, they were the Connect brand which was launched by Barclays Bank in 1987 and the Switch debit card which was launched by NatWest in 1988. Connect quite quickly merged with Visa and initially rather than being known as Visa Debit, this payment method was called Visa Delta in the UK. The new branding was put in place from 1998 onwards.

Visa claim that ‘no other card is more widely accepted around the world’ than this one and it makes payments simple, secure and safe, whether online or in person-to-person sales.

Making a Casino Deposit with Visa Debit

Choosing to fund your account with a debit card is one way of ensuring you have a full track of what you are spending as everything you deposit into your account is immediately taken of your current account’s balance and so you can see exactly where the funds are going.

There are casinos which aren’t keen on allowing credit card payments but almost every casino will be happy to accept debit cards as it is drawing purely on your funds in your bank account and you can also make withdrawals straight back to your account when you start bringing in the winnings.

Choosing to pay directly from your debit card also removes an extra layer from your transaction as you have no eWallet or electronic payment system in between your bank and your casino account. This is great if you’re confident in your chosen casino and trust the security it offers but some players understandably wary about this as they prefer to have the safety net of an additional layer. Some of these eWallets come with additional processing fees too so by keeping it between your Visa Debit card and your casino account you’re removing any extra costs.

To pay into your account with this payment method you simply need to login to your account as your chosen casino, find the Banking/Cashier area and look for the debit card payment method. You will need to add all your card details on the first time of depositing but after this you should only need to provide the CVC code as your account will safely store your card details.

Explore the casinos which accept this payment method below.