BetGenius Casinos

BetGenius is an online betting software provider. They specialise in the real-time odds comparison sector and are a leading player in the sports betting industry. They have offices in London and also in Tallinn, Estonia and they have products which are tailored to both land-based bookmakers and betting shops and also the online betting and casino market. As well as this area of their business they also work with a range of lottery operators and provide turnkey content and marketing services to operators who may be new to the sports betting market or need a little more guidance and support.

Betgenius generate and aggregate real-time live data on sporting events and matches from around the globe. They provide odds and results for in excess of 130,000 betting markets every week and include over 50 different sports and in 90 different countries. Their innovative and sophisticated database has been uniquely designed and holds over 3 million odds and the company’s growth and success has led to them being an employer of over 250 individuals who are committed to the company ethos and focused on pushing them forward.

BetGenius History

BetGenius was created in 2000 and since this time has developed an important role in the sports betting industry. They began by providing their services just to the UK market but then soon expanded into other areas. They have grown organically with acquisitions and stake holdings in different companies and this notably included acquiring a stake in TurfTrax in 2008 which is a specialist sectional timing company on British racecourses and in 2007 they were ranked 34th in The Sunday Times Tech Track 100, putting them forward as one of the most technological up and coming companies in the UK.

BetGenius Now

BetGenius has made serious moves in the market and their product range has expanded to incorporate other factors which are relevant to the sports betting community. Their range of software and products includes live betting applications to apps designed to desktop users.

They have also developed in-house sophisticated trading services, sportsbooks designs which are unique and original and tailored to the branding of each operator and even more to ensure their partners are getting a fully customised solution. They are a company who has remained entirely true to their niche and this has helped them move forward in their sector and ensured they are at the top of their game, as one of the first choices when it comes to odds comparison. Their products are used by many big name bookmakers and betting service providers and you will find their product on the high street as well as online.

At the end of 2015 the brand announced they were changing things up a little and planning to relaunch under a new parent company in the name of Genius Sports Group. This new name and change of structure is a nod to the fact that they offer such a diverse range of sports betting products and the fact that they also have a range of B2B solutions, including analytics and data capture services.

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