The number of companies vying for a place in the casino game and software development industry seems to be growing by the year, although there are some big players in the mix. Software development companies have developed in a range of different ways, some evolved out of land-based casino operations whilst others caught onto the trend in online gaming and began to innovate this way. The online gambling boom of the 1990s and 2000s was when many of the big name providers were launched and some of them still lead the market to this day.

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Here we have collated some of the most recognisable names in casino software and provided an overview of each company as well as a selection of casinos using each type, making it easier to choose a site which utilises a platform which you already know and love, or alternatively to try out something new.

Some companies provide full platforms which covers every aspect of the casino gaming interface from the games themselves, to the display you see, to the back of house system whilst others simply design games and lease these games to other casino platforms and individual casino operators, allowing for a diverse mix of games at different sites.

The choice of platform and games a casino offers does affect the quality of their gaming experience and many online gamblers are loyal only to their favourite games developers and platforms. The biggest players in the industry include Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt with whole casinos offering their games and platforms exclusively whilst others incorporate some of their portfolio in with other games. Regular casino players will recognise some games popping up again and again as an indication of the casino using the same platform or selecting from the same games portfolio. You will occasionally find unique or exclusive slots and other games at individual casinos which have been designed specifically for them by the software provider, or they have bought the exclusive rights to.

The gambling industry is a competitive place, more competitive than most players realise and this is why all the companies looking to sell and promote their products are pushing to be the most cutting edge and most innovative. State of the art software provides an optimal gaming environment and means players feel secure and enjoy their experience, as well as not having to deal with troublesome issues such as lag, viruses and malware. As a casino player it is fair to expect choice and a range of quality games as well as a great user interface, easy to navigate payment options and a trustworthy and reliable platform behind it all.

Casinos are usually downloadable although more and more are becoming web-based and this second type of casino has made it much easier for operators to combine a range of different games from different providers.

There are a few, rare casinos who run on their own proprietary software but it does happen but usually, if they find it is a success and the casino gains a lot of attention, you’ll find them selling their product on elsewhere and players get the opportunity to enjoy a similar gaming experience at other casino sites.

Here you can take a look at our overviews of a wide range of different software providers and view the casinos which use each one.